Do you service my area?

We Provide Cleaning Service in the Following Counties:

  • Miami-Dade County
  • Broward County
  • Palm Beach County
What are your hours of operation?

We are available seven days a week from 6am -8pm. You can always schedule your next cleaning directly on our site, nevertheless should you require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 1800 887 2702 or by  email at info@roomtechusa.com and we will get back to you promptly.

Do you clean during or after business hours?

Both! Our cleaning staff is able to clean day and night, depending on your preference. We do provide cleaning service after working hours. Many customers give us a key for after-hours cleaning, so we can clean without disrupting your work. Our cleaning staff are insured and bonded, and HomeClean will coordinate all necessary documentation with your building manager.

Should I tip my maid?
Absolutely, if you are happy with your cleaning service please feel free to do so. Tipping is greatly appreciated and suggested tips is around 15-20% from your total charge before tax.
Are you bonded and secure?
Yes, we’re bonded, insured and all our maids are background checked. 
Is your work guaranteed?
Absolutely, our work is 100% Guaranteed, your satisfaction is our priority! Once the service is completed, should you have any concerns or dissatisfactions please do not hesitate to contact us at 1800 887 2702 or by  email at info@roomtechusa.com and we will get back to you promptly.
Do you provide all necessary cleaning supplies?
We provide all the necessary cleaning products, sponges, and microfiber towels. However, for sanitary reasons, we ask clients to provide some basic cleaning tools of their own. Clients should have a mop and bucket, a broom and dustpan, a step stool (if needed), a toilet brush, and paper towels.
What type of cleaning products do you use?
We are committed to supporting our environment so we stick to  Eco-Friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, and we choose only the highest quality products.
How can I be assured that your staff is trustworthy?
We hire employees after a lengthy interview and orientation process. Each cleaning consultant must complete several weeks of service training with our Quality Control Supervisors. We value your trust, privacy, and patrimony and guarantee that all cleaning consultants are diligent, courteous, and trustworthy.
Will I always have the same cleaning staff?
We can always arrange that, please do indicate the cleaning staff you wish to have in the check out message box. If she’s not available for serious reasons or vacation, we will notify you, and you will have the option to reschedule your appointment or send another staff member.
We make every effort to ensure that one of the two team members serve your home cleans during each visit. If a team member changes, our office staff contacts you beforehand to learn if you prefer someone other than your team to cleans or would rather change your scheduled day so your favorite team member can clean.
What is the difference between regular and deep cleaning? 

Our regular cleaning covers:

  • dust and wipe all reachable surfaces,

  • polishing all furniture,

  • tidying up,

  • sweeping and mopping the floors

  • cleaning bathrooms: sink, mirror, bath, and toilet

  • cleaning the kitchen

  • wiping down all surfaces

  • cleaning microwave

  • stove and sink
  • removing trash.

Deep Cleaning is a comprehensive top to bottom cleaning. It’s different from regular cleaning. It covers areas that aren’t traditionally covered by a regular clean:

  • full and deep dusting including all the corners
  • under the furniture ( when it is not heavy )
  • behind kitchen appliances, scrubbing tile in bathrooms
  • clean all doors, switches, baseboards
  • windows (interior)
  • inside the oven, including oven door glass,
  • clean fridge inside a plus stainless steel

We recommend a deep clean if you had not had your apartment professionally cleaned within the past 3 months or before scheduling recurring service with HomeClean.

Can I give specific instructions and specific requests?
Absolutely! Special instructions can be left for the cleaning professional when you schedule online in the check out section, alternatively, you can leave written instructions at your home and we will take care of it.